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10 Magazines With Awesome Pinterest Accounts

Written by Bianca Teixeira on March 06, 2013

Pinterest is quickly becoming THE place to go for any kind of online shopping. Not that you can actually purchase what you see and pin on the website but more and more shoppers are taking serious inspiration cues from the wildly popular site.

The virtual store catalog has seen an explosion of popularity since its conception in 2010. Thanks to the millions of unique visitors Pinterest has been consistently logging, the site drives more traffic to company websites and blogs then LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined.

The image collecting service is also responsible for major traffic being sent back to magazines that fall under the topics of weddings, home decor, lifestyle and cooking. Leaving their pages to do all the talking, these magazines totally understand that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand repins....and words.

1. Lucky Magazine (92,175 followers)

In addition to having bright and beautiful photos of everything from shoes and bags to street style and DIY projects, Lucky's Pinterest page includes a board of quotes. Sprinkled with lines from iconic fashion movies (Clueless), the board also houses a few that were heard around the Lucky offices. Arguably note-worthy and definitely laugh-worthy, they're exactly the type of exclamations you'd imagine are heard around fashion magazine cubicles. For example: "Oh crap. I spilled balsamic all over McQueen!" 

2. Best Health (2,933 followers)

People who aren't a part of the Pinterest scene (namely me) might not know that it's not just a space for photos to be pinned and repinned. Videos also have the ability to be shared and pinned on the site. Best Health Magazine is taking full advantage by posting videos in a board entitled 10-Minute Tuneups, a series of short videos that guide the viewer through a quick and easy workout.

3. Vanity Fair (21,238 followers)

When a specific magazine hosts the biggest after party for the Oscars, it only makes sense that they share the photos with every social media platform they can find. Before you think that the Vanity Fair Pinterest board of their Oscar party is filled with glossy, perfect pictures of celebrities on the carpet, think again. I mean, it totally is but they also pinned hilarious memes (like a picture of three winners with long blonde hair and the caption 'One ring to rule them all') and even vintage shots of celebrities like winner Grace Kelly in 1955.

4. Martha Stewart Weddings (94,686 followers)

Not too long ago a multitude of articles were published that made light of the fact that more and more single women were planning their weddings completely online. And who could blame them with Pinterest pages like the one from Martha Stewart Weddings magazine? With a total of 88 boards (at press time) of everything from bouquets, desserts and signature drinks to engagement rings, hairstyles and invitations, every choice you'd need to make is outlined with hundreds of stunning pictures. Just try to look through them and not envision your own wedding.

5. Allure Magazine (18,040 followers)

Just how many hair ideas do you need for 2013? Allure Magazine's Pinterest page provides 33...and that's just on one board. The self-proclaimed 'beauty expert' magazine offers guides on an abundance of hair styles that many of us (me) would find otherwise daunting and impossible. Chic, of-the-moment looks like bangs, curls, and hair-line braids are on display. But beauty isn't just about hair so boards are also devoted to crazy nail art and must-have spring hues.

6. Rue Magazine (37,893 followers)

Have a secret (or not so secret) obsession with home decor? Take it to Pinterest or specifically Rue Magazine's Pinterest page and indulge in photo after photo of immaculately designed living rooms, kitchens and guest bedrooms. Just like using Pinterest to plan your ultimate wedding, you can use these boards to their full advantage and plan the ultimate remodel. Most of the pictures here are ripped straight out of the magazine so it's not at all surprising that this is what drives up readership.

7. Flare Magazine (7,002 followers)

You don't need to be planning a major life change to swoon over boards on Pinterest. A vast interest in red carpet photos from any and all award shows will suffice. The board 'Celebrity/Red Carpet' has over 500 pins thanks to an array of events attended by beautiful people and photographed in only the best light. Big time award shows like the Oscars co-mingle with Canada's own Screen Awards from this past Sunday. Stylish couples, style evolution and even a fun game of 'Who's Next in Hollywood?' get their own time in the spotlight in this popular board.

8. InStyle Magazine (59,304 followers)

Whether it's a picture of Olivia Palermo getting a coffee or Emma Stone on the red carpet, InStyle's Pinterest board 'Look of the Day' will definitely get you out of bed and into a put together look. Besides always bring the best of celebrity fashion, the magazine has a reputation for just plain bringing you celebrities. Their most popular boards are celebrity endorsed lists that range in topics. For example they have: Katie Couric's Shoe Picks; Jessica Alba's Favourite Travel Items, Nicole Richie's Fragrance Inspirations, and the lists go on and on.

9. Ladies Home Journal (8,901 followers)

Do not go here on an empty stomach. Bolstered by yummy pictures of drool-worthy food, the Pinterest page of Ladies Home Journal is full of incredible recipes and filed under titles like: Chicken Recipes; Delicious Salads; Grill-a-Palooza; Delicious Pasta Dishes and sooooo many more. Don't ever let anyone convince you that Pinterest is a waste of time again! Thanks to this page you'll be able to stun even the pickiest of dinner guests with these amazing dishes.    

10. Architectural Digest (13,192 followers)

Like with Rue Magazine, Architectural Digest offers an array of amazingly designed homes but with the added decadence of including ones way out of any normal person's reach. I'm referring to a board called 'Estates for Sale'. With everything from beachfront properties, castles, infinity pools and French chalets, this part of the digest's Pinterest page is simply for the voyeur who wants to see how the 1% live. For old school fans of the magazine, this page also offers a look at archival photos of homes designed in as far back at the 1940s. 

Written by Bianca Teixeira| March 06, 2013


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