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Andre Asks at NXNEi

Written by Andre Gaulin on June 18, 2012

We had a chance to chat with a number of attendees at this year’s North By North East Interactive Conference. This time around we were interested in finding out which social communities people gravitated to and why. Beyond finding out which one people favored the most (hint: it’s twitter), we were actually more interested in learning which types of social campaigns are the most appealing and why. At the end of the day, authentic interactions and interesting content seem to win the day. 


B2B Social Media:

Joan Damico (Communications Consultant at Pfizer):
I like the last guy's closing remarks... "I hate it when all people do is spam and advertise" Me too. Thanks for an interesting post direct from actual social media users.

Written by Andre Gaulin| June 18, 2012


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