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What Consumers Really Want to Hear

Written by Alex Espenson on November 14, 2014

Email marketing

In the modern world of business and multimedia, advertisements can be seen and heard nearly everywhere. Open any newspaper or magazine, listen to any radio station, or load any website, and it’s easy for you to see how crowded the marketplace is. Cutting through all that clutter and noise to actually reach consumers and sales leads is imperative for businesses, and oftentimes the key is in what words and phrases are used to grab a customer’s attention.

Email marketing is fast becoming one of the preferred methods of marketers to cut through the noise and reach their target, but execution is key.

For you to most effectively influence a prospective consumer, it’s important to reach him or her on a personal level. The easiest way to do this is to use the words “you” and “your.” Those two simple words can resonate with consumers, drawing them into a possible sales pitch knowing they are the focus of your attention. Once engaged on a personal level, they are more likely to listen to whatever comes next. Training in negotiation, influence, and sales are highly recommended, and will help you better connect with your target consumer, recognize their wants, and begin the pathway through the conversion funnel.

As you work to make yourself stand out, and guide the consumer through the conversion process, there are many other words and phrases you can use that are just as effective in grabbing a consumer’s attention. The word “new” makes a quick impression and it’s used by many businesses all over the world. Companies such as Buick and Airbus have used “new” in their marketing slogans as a way to convey a message of innovation to the consumer. Shoppers like to know that companies are working hard to develop new and improved products for them. For that matter, words like “innovate” and “innovation” are also popular, though Eric Swartz, the president of branding agency Tagline Guru says they have been overused in recent years.

Many consumers also like feeling that companies are sharing with them vital information they wouldn’t otherwise know. Phrases like “the secret of” can be particularly useful. Pitches that incorporate the phrase, such as “discover the secret of success,” allow the consumer to feel like he or she will be able to gain valuable knowledge that other people don’t have if they read or listen to the advertisement.

Consumers also can be drawn to sales pitches that have words dealing with more practical matters. Some words like “sale,” “free,” and “money” can have a big effect since they promise consumers they’ll be able to keep more of their hard-earned cash. “Sale” can also lead to quick action from consumers since they know sales only last for a limited amount of time. “Guarantee” is another word that has a similar impact because consumers like to know that promises concerning their purchases will be kept.

Companies want to look for ways to set their products apart, and bestselling author Kevin Kruse says one word can make all the difference: “only.” By using the word “only,” you can choose a specific part of your product to showcase, something that is wholly unique to your offering, and tout it as the “only” one of its kind. “Only” makes consumers sit up and pay attention because they enjoy unique products and like knowing about one-of-a-kind offers.

Many of these words and phrases work equally well for both print and radio marketing, but it’s also important to remember to write radio advertisements for the ear using words that sound intriguing. “You” and “Your” are still impactful in radio because when a consumer is listening to a radio ad, they feel like it is actually talking directly to them. Radio ads showing the uniqueness of a product or service using words like “only,” “breakthrough,” and “amazing” play up what makes your offer distinct. It’s also important to keep things very simple for radio, often limiting the sales pitch to a very concise phrase. As Jeff Small and Brett Astor of Strategic Media Inc.explain, “[saying] ‘product A is designed to do X’ is not as strong as saying ‘product A does X’”.

These are just some of the very basic words and phrases guaranteed to catch a consumer’s interest during an initial sales pitch. They provide a framework around which you can craft an effective advertisement or email with the potential to boost sales and bring attention to your business. Carefully built consumer email lists, or strategic ads, combined with the language that will attract attention will all but guarantee your marketing success. With the foundation in place, you’re now free to use your creativity to bring in the customers.

Written by Alex Espenson| November 14, 2014
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