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Going Digital: 5 Quick Tricks to Makeover Your Website

Written by Leigh Fowler on January 20, 2015


Does your website say your company is open for business? How do people know your site hasn't been abandoned a long time ago? How do you communicate to people who find your website via search results that you are alive and well?

If you don't have the answers to these questions, it may be time to update your website. Or perhaps you just have a nagging feeling that your website is out-of-date or needs a fresh look? Whatever it is, if you're already thinking your website it out of date, it probably is.

Unfortunately, an update for your website often gets pushed to the back burner and as a result, your online marketing efforts may not be working and you may be losing customers due to "false" impressions.

I've put together five must-haves for a website update so that first-time visitors get the impression that you're not an abandoned online business but are in fact, active and well! These five tricks are quick to implement especially if you have some content that can be repurposed.

1. Add A Rotating Slider to Your Homepage

Adding a rotating slide to your homepage. Changing up the order of the slides on a regular basis will give your website a fresh look each time a new slide loads. The "trick" here is to change the first slide daily so that it always looks fresh and new.

2. Guide Readers to Fresh Content Via Downloads

It's great to offer fresh content that your visits can download but if they can't find it, it's useless. A great way around this is to offer your downloadable content via an attention-grabbing message on your website. The best way to do this is via a pop-up window that offers the reader the latest downloadable piece once they input their email address. The "trick" here is that if you have a functioning website that actually works when people engage with it, they will get the impression that you are still active and well. For example, if they receive their download via email they will see that your business is alive and well as soon as they receive this piece via an email message. The key is to keep this content offering current and relevant to your visitors.

3. Encourage Visitors to Sign Up for Your Own Newsletters

Prompting your readers to sign up for your newsletter gives your company the ability to communicate regularly with your customers in a way that shares with them that you're alive and well! The "trick" here is that once they start receiving your updates they will know that you're in business.

4. Add A Twitter Feed to Your Sidebar

This is a relatively cost-effective widget you can add to your website that pulls your Tweets from your Twitter page and displays them on your website. The "trick" here is that when your site visitors see your tweets, they will see that your content is timely and updated frequently, a sign that business is well.

5. Add a Facebook "Like" Box with Activated Status Updates

This is a fun way to show people that your are current and the "trick" here is that they can visually see the last time you updated something about your company online by your Facebook status. They can also instantly connect with you by clicking the "LIKE" button on this widget and receive current news and information from your company through your newsfeed status updates.

Written by Leigh Fowler | January 20, 2015
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