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Event News: Ad Club Magazine Day

Written by Michelle Kalman on May 17, 2012

There’s no question what Ad Club’s annual Magazine Day is about. Picture a room full of Toronto’s leading magazine publishers, account reps, stacks and stacks of free magazines and plenty of booze. You really can’t go wrong. The Agility team joined in, sponsoring the after party at the very glamorous Arcadian Court. This year’s featured key note speaker was Andrew Davis from Tipping Point Labs who spoke on the theme ‘The Future of Print is Digital’. 

Magazines Deidre Marinelli - FASHION Magazine, Sonya Tsui - SpaFax, John Andreopoulos - Toronto Life


Now before you picture a room full of magazine folks chucking bread rolls at the podium – Andrew’s chat was surprisingly pro print. His angle was all about the magazine (or print publication) being the anchor of great content, with an opportunity to expand to its already loyal audience and to appeal to a new, online savvy user through a variety of digital mediums. Needless to say, in a media world where publishers are scrambling to win the digital race – it was pretty refreshing to hear a new (but in fact old) POV on the whole magazine content landscape. Print is not dead. It’s evolving. Big sigh of relief from the audience at this event! Although back at the office the budgets were still waiting – and I can’t say I know too many sales reps in the print world these days who aren’t also selling digital components or if they aren’t – know that they might have to soon. Which is why the word ‘evolving’ was really the key take home message here.

A very energetic keynote speaker Andrew Davis, Tipping Point Labs


Another event highlight was the prestigious Ad Club Lifetime Achievement Award which was handed out to Ken Whyte, publisher of Maclean's newsmagazine and president of Rogers Publishing Limited. I thought you had to be close to retirement or on your last legs to win an award of such nature but it turns out that Ken has worked at least one lifetime if not several in the publishing business so, well…he deserved it.

Big time award winner Kenneth Whyte - Rogers Publishing


Branded content happens in print and online all the time. Sometimes we don’t even notice. But did you know you could brand just about anything? Ad Club cleverly offered its sponsors the opportunity to make their mark at Magazine Day – from sponsored cocktails to yes, sponsored floral centre pieces. This event makes the most of its participating parties and I have to admit that I didn’t find it tacky. The executions were graceful and thanks to Financial Post magazine I enjoyed a refreshing pomegranate martini at 11:30am. Good morning!

Agility's Ben Uppal - ready to party


Not only was the lunch delicious (steak in chimichurri sauce) and the wine plentiful (thanks to sponsor House & Home Magazine) but also the event even awards the best magazine account peeps. Congrats to those who won. So what were we doing there? In case you didn’t know – Agility loves magazines. So we’re offering a free site assessment for publishers. Free. No strings attached. Contact Can Phab (who I met for the first time at Magazine’s Day and who was kind enough to offer me the floral centre piece at our table even though he won it). You can find him at can @  We chatted with a handful of the attendees at the after party and you can see what they had to say about magazines here….

Ad Club's Magazine Day round up


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