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Online video consumption is skyrocketing

Written by Shiri Friedman on March 20, 2012

Online video consumption is skyrocketing, with U.S. Internet users accounting for tens of billions of monthly video views according to comScore. Brightcove customers alone collectively stream an average of 700 million videos every month to over 165 million unique viewers on more than 85,000 websites. While these figures make it easy to tout online video’s popularity, they don’t explain how businesses can use it to their advantage.

Every organization, no matter its size, market or geography, has an opportunity to leverage online video toward achieving a particular goal or goals. It could be monetizing audiences, increasing site traffic, generating awareness, selling products, promoting a cause or communicating ideas. No matter the desired result, online video and its unique ability to engage viewers across devices, time, and places can help.

The true proof of the power of online video, however, lies in real world use cases. Take Sun Microsystems, for example. The global network computing infrastructure solutions provider initiated a concerted effort to leverage video content through the launch of its ChannelSun video portal. Not only did Sun streamline its entire video publication process as part of the effort, it drove viewership through the roof. ChannelSun views tripled from 50,000 monthly views to 150,000 as a result of its efforts.

Another good example comes from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), which created its Online Viewbook as a means for students and prospective students to connect with the school through visual, person-to-person interaction. Since its launch, the Online Viewbook's traffic has increased by 33 percent, while RISD's overall Web traffic for its site has increased by 20 percent. In addition, RISD was able to cut its admissions budget by 20% last year due to the success and efficiency of the Online Viewbook.

While the goals may be different, the key to success with any online video initiative is creating and implementing the proper strategy. To that end, we’ve developed a helpful framework that organizations can use to help build their video strategy. In short, the framework consists of eight key elements:

  1. Mix - the blend of on-demand and live programming
  2. Quantity - the amount of video in a library
  3. Quality - the quality of the content and the viewing experience
  4. Discovery - how audiences find content
  5. Distribution - delivering content through third-party sites
  6. Devices - viewing devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and connected TVs
  7. Monetization - advertising, calls to action, and premium content
  8. Analytics - data and insight on video performance

No organization’s requirements will be the same, but the elements above serve as a solid foundation for an online video plan.

At the heart of any video initiative is, of course, the content itself. The ability to manage hundreds and even thousands of assets, often originating from different sources and traveling to multiple destinations across the Web, can be harrowing even to the most seasoned professional. 

To address those challenges, Brightcove offers extensive content management capabilities both out of the box and through third-party integrations such as the one we’ve established with Agility. This integration allows Agility users to leverage Brightcove Video Cloud’s video transcoding, management and playback functions from within native Agility environment. The functionality covers both internally produced content as well as user generated content submitted through a users website.

For Agility users who are serious about incorporating video into their online presence, adding Video Cloud for content management opens up a wealth of efficiencies and opportunities that can help increase engagement, traffic, and overall effectiveness.

An overview of how Agility and Video Cloud integrate is available at A closer look at the documentation is also available.

Written by Shiri Friedman| March 20, 2012
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