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Brandscaping: Get Rich. Target a Niche.

Written by Andrew Michael Davis on March 06, 2013

Birmingham Parent's Special Needs Expo

Too many publishers assume that advertisers or sponsors want access to a large audience. The larger, the better, right? Wrong. 

Be more relevant, more often.

Brandscapers, or publishers who partner with others to further identify and segment their audiences, understand the value of being able to target high-quality audiences to drive new revenue, create deeper audience relationships, and publish more relevant content.

Imagine, you publish a parenting magazine. That’s a niche. But there are niches within niches. This is called fractal marketing (a term coined by Anita Roy Dobbs at Tippingpoint Labs). Birmingham Parent magazine has actually partnered with the Lakeshore Foundation (an organization who serves people with physical disabilities) and Children’s of Alabama, to create exclusive content  and host in-person events designed specifically for parents who have children with disabilities. That is a niche within a niche. That’s fractal marketing.

Here’s a quick video explanation of what fractal marketing is:

New Audience. New Revenue.

Birmingham Parent has driven new revenue and built a valuable audience by focusing on a specific type of parent within their larger audience. These niche audiences should command higher-dollar brand relationships given the relevance of the sponsor’s products and services to the audience you’ve built.

Start dividing and sub-dividing your audience to find new ways to expand your relevance and increase the quality of your audience. Start fractal marketing!

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Written by Andrew Michael Davis| March 06, 2013
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