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MYTH: Separate Design From Content

Written by Gladis Trejo on January 26, 2011

When developing your website, one thinks it will help build a profitable business, gain more exposure, attract new clients, and the list just goes on. All of the aforementioned will likely happen. But if you still believe that you have to separate design and content as a strategy you may want to change your mind.

I totally agree that taking care of both, design and content, at the same time can be overwhelming. Most people believe that web design shouldn’t have anything to do with what goes where because a lot of great sites look as if they were designed that way.

If you decide to hire a designer, don’t exclude them from content decisions. Anyone outside the decision-making process is never going to get the idea right. They may come up with awesome and creative concepts that will wow your audience, but they won’t work if separate design and content. Empower your designer to create what you really need. Provide them with a well-structured script that includes their mission, what has to be completed, the vision for your site and what needs to go where. Work together and be aware of the technology the designer is going to use and what kind of content management system (CMS) you can work with, that way you will be able to manage the content in-house at any time.

Good design isn’t just about style, it means organizing data and continuous maintenance of the site so it is easy for employees to handle and the results are useful to users.

If someone tells you again that the best course of action is to isolate a company’s web design from content – look for another partner that understands that both go hand-in-hand in the e-world.

Written by Gladis Trejo| January 26, 2011
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