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nextMEDIA Toronto 2012: Recap & Video

Written by Jillean Kearney on December 05, 2012

About 600 people registered to attend nextMEDIA, which wrapped earlier this week with the Digi Awards.

But before the glitz and glamor of the awards show, Canada's top digital executives congregated at the Carlu for two full days of exploring what's next in media and advertising.

"We look at the buying, selling and creating of digital media content," said Mark Greenspan, Executive Director of nextMEDIA.

A hot topic? Multi-platform.

Greenspan noted that people began anticipating the multi-platform era years ago and now that it's finally here, a new conversation has started. "How can we deliver anytime, anywhere an experience to audiences?"

Another buzzword was social media and specifically how to leverage different platforms to engage and grow audiences.

Johnny Kalangis, Creative Director of Marble Media, spoke on the panel 'Audience Development through Social Media' about the lessons that his company has learned.

"The tools evolve so quickly and the community evolves so quickly –  and people loose interest in something and gain interest in something else. So you can't be chasing trends exactly. But you have to sort of understand that a new set of language tools are being developed constantly and evolving constantly; and you have to figure out how your brands may be expressed in those places," he said.

And every brand has different needs and a different voice.

Howard Moskowitz, President of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., was a crowd favorite for his tendency to speak in poem. His panel, 'The Soul of the Digital Consumer' spoke about how to understand the minds of consumers.

His favorite part of the conference was the Twitter wall because each tweet was, "almost reverberating and reinforcing what I'd just heard sometimes with a little bit of a rye comment, sometimes a positive comment, sometimes a negative comment. But it's the marvelous experience of somebody walking into a room, hearing a beautiful melody and hearing that melody ricochet off the various walls –  the echoes reinforcing."

"It's an experience just to be here," he concluded.

Written by Jillean Kearney| December 05, 2012
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