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Top Mobile Web Features for Magazines

Written by Michael Assad on July 09, 2012

We are currently in the process of designing the mobile site extension for our recently launched Magazine Publishing Suite.

Do you need a mobile website?

With everyone talking about apps these days, do you still need a mobile website? An emphatic "yes", says Andre, "Someone may be riding the bus with their iPhone or Android phone and click a link that someone shared on Facebook. They expect that the page that comes up will be in a mobile template." When that same user goes back to their desktop and clicks the same link, it should look right on their computer screen.

It's astonishing how many websites still don't have a mobile friendly template.

What is responsive design?

The other big buzzword in web and mobile right now is Responsive Design. Andre provides a great description of what responsive design is in the video. It's basically a way to design a web template so that the interface is natural and intuitive on any screen.  It sounds like a great solution, but it's important to consider the specific use cases for desktop, mobile, tablets and even TVs to make sure that the same general functionality makes sense for all formats.

What features matter most for you?

We’re a little stuck on a few decisions and we would love to get feedback directly from the industry.  Check out the video and then tell us in the comments about your ideas on what is important for a mobile website for your publication or blog.


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